Surfers Skin Balm has been designed to offer maximum protection for all wetsuit users when in the water for prolonged periods. A light blend of waxes it offers effective prevention from irritating sore skin and salt water rash.​​​

The blend of oils and waxes provide a natural barrier to prevent rubbing at the vulnerable areas such as the neck, thighs and underarms. The essential oils include Grapefruit oil to help  prevent infection with its disinfectant properties, Lemongrass oil has anti-inflammatory properties, the Geranium and Clary Sage oils helps to keep skin in good condition after periods of immersion in water. Surfers can apply Surfers Rub to any sore or grazed skin to help prevent infection even if you wear a rash vest - every surfer should have some. Suitable for wet and dry suits and all watersports, including sailing, diving, kite surfing, windsurfing etc. Hypoallergenic, the natural ingredients won't cause any deterioration in wetsuit neoprene.

Why you should avoid petroleum jelly at all costs!
Petroleum jelly forms a layer on the skin, and so does not allow the natural toxins to escape from the skin. Therefore, the layer of jelly may reduce the rate of elimination of toxins via the form of sebum, sweat and bacteria trapped underneath.
Regular use can lead to several skin disorders including acne, congested & inflamed skin and dry skin.
Some petroleum products (unless highly purified) might have one or more of the many recognised  impurities that are linked to cancer and other health concerns in cosmetics. As they stay on your skin they can promote absorption as it is water-repellent and non water-soluble.
The use of petroleum jelly will frequently invalidate your wet suit guarantee.


Leaping Fish Surfers Skin Balm available in 60g recyclable metal tins £11.99.

UK postage Royal Mail £3.00