Runners Rub Balm

£9.99 (ex. VAT)

Runners Rub Balm

£9.99 (ex. VAT)
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Leaping Fish Rowers Rub balm 60g, £11.99.   UK delivery £3.00

Runners Rub is a blend of essential oils and plant waxes to help protect your skin from abrasions and chafing. Smooth onto your skin to provide a barrier against rubbing from clothing or on top of running socks to help prevent blisters, on vulnerable areas such as thighs, underarms, nipples, ankles, feet or under clothing, underwear or back-packs - wherever you need to prevent rubbing and friction sores.  Runners Rub helps prevent chafing which may limit your ability to perform at your best and take the enjoyment out of your sport. Use before or after exercise to help your skin recover with the essential oils and to help prevent infection. Find out more about Runners Rub here. Runners Rub  contains just Rapeseed oil, soya wax, bees wax, cocoa butter, glycerine, Zea Mays, Vitamin E, and Bergamot, Sweet Marjoram and Star Anise essentials oils: no chemicals, parabens or petroleum products.

Available in 60ml tins: there are also some remaining stock in plastic pots in 50ml and 100ml pots at a discount.

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