Developed by a rower for all water-based sports, Rowers Rub is a natural chemical-free answer to the problem of sores and chafing caused by rubbing and perspiration during hard exercise or endurance events. The friction caused by rubbing can get worse with changes in pressure, warmth and humidity, and the irritation then develops to abraded skin which becomes open to getting infections from dirty water or the environment. Blisters can form from the shear effect when one layer of skin separates from another due to repeated movement caused by rubbing and pressure, leading to damage to the underlying layers where the nerves are, which results in feeling pain and discomfort and impairing your ability to perform at your best. On the surface of the skin, the salts and other by-products leached during sweating also contribute to the soreness. The application of Rowers Rub puts a thin layer of natural waxes and oils over your skin to reduce friction, and stops the salts from reaching the skin whilst allowing the skin to breathe. The essential oils also naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria. 

Unlike chemical products, Rowers Rub is:
Rowers Rub contains: Brassica Campestris Oil, Cocoa butter, Essential Clove Bud oil, Marjoram Leaf oil, Witch Hazel and Soybean oil. The Marjoram oil has antiseptic properties, helping to prevent infection during activities on still or river water; Clove oil has antibacterial properties and helps the skin recover. Rowers Rub can also be applied without stinging after exercise and really aids skin repair.

Tested by men and women rowing during a variety of events including in Gigs and Outriggers during the London Great River Race over almost 22 miles, Rowers Rub helped prevent sores and 'Giggers Arse' in different boats with rowers and paddlers experiencing various challenging conditions. See what others say about using Rowers Rub

It works equally well for anyone on the water wherever there is any friction or rubbing....

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