Muscle Rub

 Our Original Muscle Rub is a rich massage balm for application after training or competition - the specific blend of essential oils helps relax and soothe hard-worked muscles and sinews. The importance of proper care after serious exercise is often overlooked, but should be an essential part of any sportsman or women's exercise routine especially to keep muscles supple and damage free for repeated events such as endurance sports or progressing through heats.

This balm is equally well suited to any muscular aches following all forms of exercise.
Use Original Muscle Rub to soothe aches and pains: the citrus oils are refreshing and the action of massage stimulates the blood supply to help relax aching muscles. 

As with all Leaping Fish products this is a premium product and a little goes a long way, making a tin excellent value. Suitable for runners, athletes, walkers and those taking part in all strenuous activities.

Runners Original Muscle Rub contains: Brassica Campestris Oil, Soya oil, Cocoa butter, oils of Tangerine, Sweet Orange, Chamomile and Lime.

Available in 60ml tin £11.99,  or a 100ml tin £15.49.

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