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Designed to minimise chafing from running shoes and clothing for all those who take part in running events, its made with 100% natural ingredients to be kind to your body and the planet so you can run without conscience. Use the Rub on vulnerable areas such as thighs, underarms, nipples, ankles, feet or under clothing , underwear or back-packs - wherever you need to prevent rubbing and friction sores.  Runners Rub helps prevent chafing which may limit your ability to perform at your best and take the enjoyment out of your sport. As with all our products, it is uniquely formulated to meet the needs of runners and sports athletes, is easy to apply and can be re-applied to sore skin after the event to soothe and help the skin recover. The fine layers of waxes on the skin help reduce friction, lets the skin breathe and prevents the salts and other by-products of sweating staying on the surface and increasing irritation.


  • Apply Runners Rub before your event to give you long lasting protection from rubbing and sores, no matter what the conditions.                                                              

  • Runners Rub can also be applied after exercise.

  • Runners Rub has no petroleum products and is non-greasy and smells pleasantly of Star Anise and Bergamot essential oils which help protect the skin when the surface layers suffer abrasion.

  • Washes off easily afterwards.

  • Runners Rub contains Rapeseed oil, soya wax, candelilla wax, cocoa butter, glycerine, Zea Mays, Vitamin E, and Bergamot, Sweet Marjoram and Star Anise essentials oils: NO chemicals and NO parabens.

  • Available in 60g tins.


There is overwhelming evidence that the plastic and other toxic residues don't break down in the environment for many decades, and can infiltrate the food chain. Some anti-chafing options include PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) otherwise known as Teflon; these almost indestructible molecules get washed into the water cycle and therefore the environment and are absorbed by flora and fauna. From our point of view it's not possible to compromise our appreciation of the world around us with causing unnecessary pollution and so we aim to have all our products from sustainable or environmentally friendly sources to minimise our impact. We have moved our production to recyclable metal tins. 

Leaping Fish Runners Rub available in 60g recyclable tins £11.99, UK postage Royal Mail £3.20.  

Thanks to the feedback and positive comments from the participants at White Star Running's August East Farm event during the half, full marathon and 10K races. Runners Rub was given out to those needing emergency chafing relief...

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