Runners!! Looking after your feet? - you should be! Believe it or not, some runners look after almost every other part of their body but neglect their feet. Given how much athletes need their feet during a race, and what a pounding they get, it is critical that runners adopt a regular care routine before, during and after a race. Some of the tips for good foot care might seem obvious, but it's amazing how many people don't give their feet enough time and care. 
  1. Regularly remove any dead hard skin using a pumice stone or foot file. The ones with a handle seem to work the best and are very effective. Hard skin tends to crack and get infected, causing pain and limiting training.
  2. Keep toe nails trimmed - not too short; not too long. If your nails are too long they are going to become damaged during a run which may lead to losing the nail altogether and preventing effective training for significant periods.
  3. Moisturise and massage feet regularly. Leaping Fish's Original Muscle Rub is perfect for this and regular use helps prevent the built up of hard skin and helps keep your muscles and ligaments flexible.
  4. Buy the best running shoes you can afford and have them fitted by a trained fitter. You will need to go to a specialist shop for this and it may well be expensive, but it is money well spent. If you can, buy more than one pair - if a pair gets wet in training, you shouldn't be putting them on wet the following day for your next training run.
  5. Get yourself some running socks; specially designed for runners, these have layers which help prevent chafing and help protect the feet from getting too hot.
  6. Use an anti-chafing balm like Leaping Fish's Original Runners Rub. Together with good footwear and socks, this can help prevent blisters and sores developing during a race. The balm can be applied to feet before putting socks on and again on top of the sock for particularly susceptible areas.
  7.  Don't burst blisters if you can possibly avoid it - the blister consist of fluid which protects the skin underneath. Cover it with a plaster if you need to. If the blister has burst, wash it gently and cover with a plaster to prevent it getting infected.
  8. Nip minor problems in the bud quickly and thoroughly to avoid them getting worse. 
  9. Give your feet a break and go barefoot regularly; this prevents feet getting sweaty from being in shoes and socks all day and helps to strengthen feet by using all the muscles in the feet.
  10. Wash, dry and massage feet after a run.
  11. Above all, love your feet - they may be the key to the next medal!